8 Steps To Keep Your Home and Family Merry & Safe This Winter and Holiday Season

Because of the restrictions and limitations that COVID19 placed on the 2020 holiday season, we’re all particularly excited about holiday home decorating safety celebrating the holidays in 2021, right? As South Shore roofing contractors, we’re seeing and hearing from local friends, family, and customers that they plan to go all out with holiday shopping, home get-togethers (even if they keep them small or stick to just family based on their pandemic comfort level), and decorating the inside and outside of their homes.

We think you’ll agree that, with all that “stepped-up” holiday activity, it’s more important than ever that we all do all we can to protect our South Shore homes and families, by putting the following measures in place:

Hanukkah Holiday SafetyThe team of roofing experts at our South Shore roofing company is always available to talk with you about any of the following & more!: attic ventilation, attic air circulation; roof moisture, wall moisture, or ceiling moisture; ice dam prevention, ice dam removal; new home roof installation; and home roof replacement. Never hesistate to reach out to see if we can be of service related to home safety measures or home challenges.



We wish all our readers a safe and happy holiday season and winter!


During The Season Of New Beginnings, Why Not Invest In A New Roof?

Particularly here in Massachusetts, where we have so many students returning to our large number of outstanding colleges and universities, September feels like a time for new beginnings. It gives us a second opportunity in any given year — beyond that offered by January 1 — to start with a clean slate and a fresh new outlook.

Update Your Look For A Fresh Outlook

Oftentimes, even some small changes in our personal appearance, or the appearance of our home & surroundings, can help us feel rejuvenated and refreshed and either support a number of related changes, or satisfy our desire for change. For example, a new fall wardrobe might give us the confidence we need to interview for a new job, or it may simply make us feel happier in our current job. Or, new furniture might make us feel comfortable hosting a book club meeting at our home, or simply make us happier when we curl up on under a blanket to read.

We all continue to spend a lot of time at home because of COVID-19 concerns, and whether we’ll be entertaining a smaller or a larger group at our house this holiday season, we’ll want our South Shore residences to look attractive. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a beautiful new roof that adds curb appeal and a new look & feel to your home? The team of roofing experts at South Shore Roofing is knowledgeable about the latest innovations in home roofing and enjoys helping new and past clients feel more joyful about their homes.

Contact us for a free virtual or in-person consultation about your South Shore home roofing needs — whether it be a roof installation, roof replacement, or roof repair. Our team of residential roofing contractors will be glad to discuss with you what type of new roof might give your particular home a fresh new look this fall!

And, here’s hoping everyone has lots of new beginnings that excite them this autumn!




We’ve pulled together ideas below for making both the outside and inside of your home summer-ready because who doesn’t want to be, and isn’t ready for, summer?

Using Your Outdoors Space For Summer Hosting & More!

Are you eager to host a barbeque or graduation party? What about all those reunions and landmark birthdays that had to go uncelebrated? Do you find yourself missing those casual weekend fires and family badminton matches in the backyard? Now that we can safely gather with friends, and family, it’s time to get your yard and house (yes, including your roof!) ready for summer gatherings. 

Here’s how to get started:

First, read these articles from last season about making your patio space super cozy and about why summer is a great time to get your roof replaced

Now that you have some decoration and renovation ideas, you can think about how you want to use your space. Do you want to host fantastic meals for your friends in a chic dining space? Do you want to have a weekly backyard volleyball tournament for your neighborhood? Are you interested in an outdoor workspace where you can field Zoom calls and reply to emails while enjoying the sun? 

What you want to do with your space will determine next steps. For instance, if great conversation and fine dining is your priority, you can focus on your patio or porch space. If you want to host outdoor sports events, then you can make sure you have all the right equipment, good storage space for that equipment, and a hydration station. If you want to work from home outside, you’ll need a supportive chair and table in the shade or with an umbrella you can open up for sunny days.

Other Summer Home & Yard Tasks

While they aren’t as fun or exciting as planning for summer activities, like those described above, key home maintenance tasks you should consider include:

  • Make sure your cooling system is functional before rather than during the first heat wave. HVAC maintenance can also keep humidity in your home down which increases the lifespan of your roof.
  • Visually inspect your roof for any damage that might have occurred during the winter such as missing shingles, exposed nails, wavy flashing, or detached gutters, and if you notice anything that needs tending to, give our roofing expert team at South Shore Roofers a call!
  • Put flower boxes in windows and plant some bright flowers. Bonus points for planting things that will flower in different months, so you have continual color throughout the warm months!
  • Clean your gutters to prevent flooding in your basement during any big rain storms. 
  • Trim branches away from your roof. This will prevent gutter clogging and potential damage from any falling branches. Focus on trimming diseased or dead branches hanging close to the roof.

Once you’ve designed your yard space to suit your needs and gotten your home and roof in order, it’s time to invite the friends and family over! Summer on the South Shore is a beautiful time of year. This is definitely the time to kick back, relax, and enjoy being with your people.

If you need help with replacing or repairing your roof this summer, South Shore Roofing will be there for you. You can get your free consultation today. The team would love to discuss your goals and work towards solutions with you. Have a great summer!






Why Your Attic and Roof May Be Wet On A Dry Winter Day

Often, during winter, homeowners are surprised to see water drips and droplets on attic ceilings, walls, and the underside of their roof, when it’s not even raining or snowing outside! As shown in the picture below, sometimes, it seems to those who own a home that their roof, wall, or ceilings are crying because of water droplets that appear around nails. After spending a lot of physical and emotional energy trying to figure out the source of the moisture, they end up calling professional roofing contractors, like South Shore Roofing, to investigate the source of wet wood in their home.

Many New England homeowners don’t realize that moisture can still build up in the top floor of their home or underneath their roof on cool, dry, winter days because of condensation challenges. Condensation occurs when attics are too warm and there’s no way for air to escape outdoors or to circulate. Sure, everyone would prefer that their attic feel warm & cozy when they need to visit it to bring down a treasured item that’s been tucked away in the attic. But, since most of us don’t spend a lot of time in our attics, and the trade-off of having a warm attic is the build-up of annoying and damaging moisture, we’re actually better off keeping our attics cool from home-damage, health, and cost perspectives.

How to Know If You Attic or Roof is Moisture-Challenged

In addition to beads of water on walls, ceilings, or your roof, you may notice these other common signs of a moist attic or roof:

  • Staining, discoloration or warping of wood or other attic materials
  • Foggy/frosty windows
  • Musty smells
  • Mold
  • Wood rot
  • Masonry deterioration

Why You Need to Address Attic and Roof Moisture

Left untreated, attic moisture can lead to some of the unpleasant, unfavorable conditions listed in the above-section of our blog. These can, in turn, lead to expensive, extensive home damage and associated repair costs, but most importantly, can make family members very ill.

How South Shore Roofing Experts Can Help

To prevent, moisture build-up and condensation, attic temperatures should be kept as cold as the outdoors. This can be accomplished simply through improved air ventilation and circulation in your attic – basically, you want air to be able to flow both in and out of your attic. Our team of roofing specialists can undertake the following to create better airflow, and ultimately, a colder atmosphere in your attic by installing:

  • Soffit vents underneath your gutters/in your attic’s eaves to let air flow into your attic.
  • Roof ventilation at the peak of your roof, known as a ridge vent or ridge venting, which allows air to flow out. This requires an opening to be cut across your roof’s peak to expose the attic below. A ridge vent is, then, placed over that opening to allow air to exit the attic.

Say Goodbye to Moisture, and Hello to a Healthier, Safer Home

Your family and your home are your most important assets. So if you believe your roof or attic are showing signs of moisture build-up, contact us today, so that our roofing company can assess your attic and roof situation.



3 Roofing Upgrades That Can Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

By Guest Blogger, Matt Lee, Innovative Building Materials

The overall outer appearance of your home is classified as its curb appeal. This appearance is significant in establishing good first impressions from guests, friends, and potential buyers later down the road. A dull front, with little visual appeal or aesthetic choices, will most likely result in a home with low curb appeal. However, if this reminds you of a home you recently purchased this is no cause to worry! There are several procedures a homeowner can undergo to increase their home’s appearance and attractiveness.

One of the foremost techniques you can use to increase your home’s curb appeal is renovating your home’s roof. These renovations can include work on your roof’s flashing, gutters, or the entire roof of your home. Each of these three renovations are discussed and explored further below. If you are a homeowner looking to boost your home’s curb appeal then the following is for you!

Repair Flashing

Your roof’s flashing is the collection of resistant paneling that surrounds your chimney, vents, valleys, and skylights. The overall purpose of flashing is to direct the flow of water on your roof away from these more vulnerable areas and into your gutter and drainage system. You should look to repair your flashing if it is missing or otherwise rusted, Not only can missing or rusted flashing lead to leaks in your roof, but it can also decrease the overall attractiveness of your home. In general, flashing is offered in a variety of materials including galvanized steel, PVC, and lead. However, the most common flashing materials are aluminum or copper.

Renovating or replacing your roof’s flashing is a great way to improve your home’s curb appeal. Both aluminum and copper flashing are perfect for most homes. These flashing materials also can be painted a variety of colors to match your garage trim, accent colors, and overall colorway of your home. This coordination will be sure to give your home a needed boost, and keep your roof safe from any leaks!

Update Gutters

The overall function of your roof’s gutter system is to provide the entire roof with drainage support. This gutter system should take water collected during a rain shower or winter weather event and transport it off of your roof through a maze of downspouts, gutters, and splash pans. Not only is this drainage system vital in terms of your roof’s overall performance, but a new, well installed gutter system can also give your home a refreshing look. This refreshing look can do wonders for your home’s curb appeal.

Drainage system updates can be installed on your home in a variety of styles. The most common styles of gutters and downspouts offered by roofing professionals are classified as half-round gutters, k-style, box style, or curved style gutters. Pairing the perfect gutter system with your home is a great way to simultaneously improve your roof’s effectiveness and the overall appearance of your home. At first your home’s gutters, like different driveway paving ideas, may be overlooked when searching for ways to increase curb appeal. However, properly installed gutters can give your roof a seamless and sleeker look.

Install a New Roof

So, you had your roof checked by a roofing professional, and there was no damage to your home’s flashing or drainage system. However, the professional you consulted told you that your roof was at the end of its lifespan. While having a new roof installed on your house can be stressful and financially anxious, it is the perfect exterior upgrade to give your home a new stylish look.

When having a new roof installed on your home, you can choose from a variety of roofing shingles, such as impact resistant shingles, metal shingles that are flame-resistant, and other materials meant to mimic wood and other materials. These different materials can be used to simultaneously improve the strength of your home’s roof and the visual aesthetic of your home. A new roof can do wonders for your home’s curb appeal.

Enjoy Your New Roof!

 Your home’s curb appeal is a combination of a large list of exterior factors including landscaping, siding, your front door, and yes, of course your home’s roof. Overall, the roofing upgrades discussed previously can have an immediate impact on your home’s curb appeal. If you are looking to increase the visual aesthetic of your home’s roof first take a look at its flashing and drainage system. Then after that, you can decide if you want to have a new roof installed on your home!

Matt Lee is the owner of the Innovative Building Materials blog and a content writer for the building materials industry. He is focused on helping fellow homeowners, contractors, and architects discover materials and methods of construction that save money, improve energy efficiency, and increase property value.

How to Decorate Your Home for a Safe and Fun Halloween 2020

Pumpkins on the steps of a houseWith the upcoming holidays and the COVID pandemic still an issue, it’s easy to start feeling a little sad and confused about how to celebrate. We all want to feel connected to our communities and stay in touch with our neighbors, but it’s also important to stay healthy and keep others healthy as well. You can read the CDC guidelines for the holidays here.

Many South Shore towns aren’t having trick-or-treating (well, at least not in it’s traditional form) due to public health concerns. Luckily, there are still some ways you can have fun and connect with your community this fall. Here at South Shore Roofing, we have a few tips on how you can decorate your house and yard for trick-or-treaters and fall enthusiasts alike.

  1. Carve pumpkins. Pumpkin carving is still in! Thankfully, this timeless holiday tradition is still a great way to celebrate the season. Pick up a few big pumpkins at your local farmer’s market or farm stand and get carving. On a warm day, pumpkin carving is an excellent socially distanced activity to do with friends and family. And when you’re done, the glowing goofy faces will be sure to put a smile on the faces of everyone who walks by.
  2. Spruce up your doorstep. It might be too cold for some plants to survive and many summer flowers are no longer blooming. That means it’s an excellent time to purchase some mums and cornstalks to revitalize your walkways and front porches. The arrangements will add a fresh pop of color to your home. You can add a doormat, such as this “Hey There Pumpkin” doormat for even more fun.
  3. Make Your Patio a Cozy Hang Out. The days are getting shorter and colder so you may need to take steps to make your outdoor spaces more comfortable for you and your guests. Consider purchasing some string lights, an outdoor heater, and having blankets at the ready for those socially distanced fall gatherings.
  4. Get spooky with your yard. Due to the pandemic, more homeowners seem to be decorating their lawns, and we’re seeing a whole host of new lawn ornament options this fall. You can find everything from skeleton flamingos to gravestones to eyeball plant markers. For those participating in drive-through/drive-by Halloween events, these decorations are key. Feeling creative? You can spend a weekend outside (and socially distanced and masked, when needed) inventing your own yard decorations with family and friends. Scarecrows only require a bunch of leaves and some old clothes!
  5. Highlight your windows. One thing hasn’t changed. Most trick-or-treaters, if they come, will only see you house from the outside. You can really bring cheer to your home for Halloween by placing decorations in the windows such as these skull lights.
  6. Post an interactive sign. For those in towns doing socially distanced trick-or-treating, you can make your home stand out and connect with your neighbors by taping a blank piece of paper to your door above the candy bowl. Leave a marker and hand sanitizer nearby so people can leave messages for each other. After the event’s over, post the now-filled paper to social media. It will be a unique record of the times!

In sum, since certain Massachusetts towns and cities aren’t supporting trick or treating this year, it would be nice for neighborhood kids, and the community, in general, to see houses and lawns decorated so they can still enjoy Halloween — and there’s so many options for being creative and decorating!

As long-time roofing contractors serving the towns and cities below, we support our South Shore MA customers and the safety and well-being of your neighborhoods. We have more information about what it means to have your roof ready for fall as well as advice on supporting South Shore neighbors and businesses during the pandemic. If you’d like us to inspect, repair, install or replace your roof this fall, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re here for any and all your home roofing needs!

  • Braintree, MA
  • Cohasset, MA
  • Duxbury, MA
  • Hanover, MA
  • Hull, MA
  • Kingston, MA
  • Marshfield, MA
  • Norwell, MA
  • Pembroke, MA
  • Plymouth, MA
  • Quincy, MA
  • Scituate, MA
  • Weymouth, MA





What It Means to Have Your Roof Ready For Fall

As the weather starts to cool off in the Greater Boston area, it’s time to prepare your roof for the winter season. It’s really important to get your roof ready to go while the weather is still good. Based on your needs – after reading the below – this fall could be a great time for you to start your next roofing project with our team at South Shore Roofing.

Here are our tips for keeping your roof in excellent shape this fall. Important Caution: Before you attempt any of this work, think about whether your fitness and flexibility level are where they need to be to get the work itself or inspections done safely by yourself or someone else living in your home. If not, hire an expert, or ask a friend or family member to help.

  1. Clean your gutters. Standing on a ladder, you can scoop out leaves, and any other debris that have collected in the gutter, with a small trowel. Use a bucket to store the leaves and debris. After you’re finished, flush out the gutter and downspout with a hose to make sure it’s all clear.
  2. Toss off debris. It’s important to toss any sticks, leaves, or even toys off the top of the roof before winter. Any debris left there could cause mold and rot once the snow falls.
  3. Inspect for damage. Walk around your home’s perimeter to check for sagging, buckled or curled shingles. Next, get up on your roof, so you can inspect for granule loss. If the shingles don’t have any texture on them, it means they’ve been damaged by severe weather and need to be replaced! Lastly, if you have an attic, be sure to check inside and see if any water is leaking down. Any leaks indicate that you need a roof repair in that area.

Once you or some other individual accomplishes the above task, first, congratulate yourself for being a responsible homeowner! Then, Contact South Shore Roofing if you need any roof repairs or a roof replacement.

Why You Should Contact Us Today About Your Home Roofing Needs

Early fall is one of the busiest times for roofing businesses because many people want to get their roof repairs or replacements scheduled and completed before the cold weather and snow arrive, so don’t wait to contact us. The good news is the cooler temperatures prevent our workers from getting overheated and allow for the shingles to seal properly. You can get your free estimate here, and our expert roofing contractor team will make every effort to accommodate your roofing needs. We’d love to have you on our schedule and make sure your home is ready for the New England weather this winter.


What Home and Business Owners Need to Know About Missing Roof Shingles

As New Englanders, we’re no strangers to storms. Wind, rain, sleet and ice can all leave a roof looking a little under the weather. After a storm blows through, you might notice a few asphalt shingles missing from your roof. Or maybe there is no storm, but you own a beautiful older home and some of the shingles are damaged or badly worn. You don’t think it’s a big deal, but then you start wondering. Will my roof leak? It’s definitely possible!

It’s important to get missing shingles replaced as soon as possible to prevent further damage and expenses down the line. Being proactive with your roof repair will save you hundreds of dollars and bring you peace of mind.

Why, Generally, a Missing Shingle is Cause for Concern

When shingles are missing it allows the wind to get between the roof deck and roof shingles causing the “non-missing” ones to lift and come unsealed. There is a one in three chance that the missing shingle sat above an open seam between the shingles below. The standard 3-tab shingles are installed side-by-side with each new row of shingles covering the top of the layer below and the side seams.

Shingles are installed in layers to wick water away from the wood underneath. Each layer is composed of 3-shingle sections that are laid next to each other, end to end. When roofers add new layers of shingles during installation, they stagger the seams so water can’t get in. If a shingle above a seam tears off, water can flow into the newly unprotected gap between the lower shingles, leading to rotted plywood and roof leaks.

Sometimes your missing shingle doesn’t reveal a seam, but your roof may still be in danger of leaking. The upper portion of the shingle has less protective mineral granules than the bottom. These granules protect the shingle from the sun. When the upper portion of the shingle is exposed, the UV rays might cause it to decay and the rest of the shingles will follow suit. This will eventually lead to leaking, water damage, and mold. No matter their placement on the roof, all missing shingles can lead to roof leaks. Generally, it’s best to address these issues as soon as possible.

The Details Behind Damage from Missing Shingles

  • Water: For a while, the felt paper below any missing shingles will shield your house from water damage. However, a missing asphalt shingle isn’t something you should leave unattended for too long. Left unfixed, you could be in danger, especially during heavy rain which can be common on Boston’s South Shore. Once under the shingles, water will rot the wood sheathing beneath. This can also harm your attic, ceiling joists, rafters, wall framing, and more. Rotting wood leads to structural instability in the home and seriously expensive damage. Leaking water is also a hazard because it leads to electrical issues and fire hazards when electrical systems are in close proximity to the leaking roof.
  • Mold: Mold and mildew can develop as a result of the moisture coming in through the damaged roof. Mold can ruin paint, walls, clothing, furniture, carpets, and rugs, not to mention cause health-related harm to people who have allergies or respiratory problems.
  • Ice: When the New England winter arrives, freezing water can lead to other issues. When the water which has entered the home freezes, it expands. This leads to cracks in the roof or framing of the house. It’s a slippery slope as the cracks allow more water to seep in – which makes the structure more unstable. You can read more about the impact of ice on roofs here, here, and here.
  • Increased Energy Bills: A roof with a hole in it is permeable. With a missing shingle, you will find it harder to keep your home warm or cold depending on the season and this will increase your energy bills.

How Our South Shore Roofing Company Can Help

As with many other home issues, it’s better to fix the problem of a missing asphalt shingle sooner rather than later. Our roofing contractor experts at South Shore Roofing can fix your home or commercial roof before it starts leaking. We’ll help keep your family, employees, or tenants safe and dry! So, please reach out any time to discuss roof damages and the best solutions.






Why Summer is The Perfect Time to Get Your Roof Repaired or Replaced

Summer is the perfect time for barbeques, beach trips, and picking up that paperback that you’ve had forever but haven’t gotten around to reading yet. The warm weather lends itself to rest, relaxation, and connecting with friends. It’s also the perfect time for checking those long-procrastinated home improvement projects off your list. Is one of those projects replacing or repairing your South Shore home’s roof?

You can hire a roofer at any point in the year, but there are quite a few reasons why summer is an ideal season to tackle this project in particular.

  1. The weather is consistently dry and warm enough to allow materials and tools to function optimally. Shingles need to set and seal and they can only do this at temperatures between 40 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Installing shingles in the summer will prevent shingles from getting cold, cracking and breaking.
  2. You can prepare for the harsh winter weather conditions in advance. When the sleet, snow, and hail come, you won’t have to worry about your roof leaking or your home sustaining any damages that might have been prevented had you replaced or repaired your roof sooner. We discussed the dangers of prolonging roof repair and replacement in our “Warning Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Roof” blog post.
  3. Summer conditions are safer for outdoor workers, in general, and the abundance of light allows our experienced team of roofing contractors to work longer days so your residential roof repair or replacement project will be completed faster. The dry, warm weather allows for more good work days and since we’re in New England, it doesn’t tend to get so hot that workers will get overheated if they take the right precautions, like staying hydrated.
  4. Since summer is such a great time for house roofing work, local stores will have a greater variety of shingles to choose from, so you can be sure that you get exactly the color and style of new roof that you want for your South Shore home!

Time slots are more limited in summer because it’s such a good time to do the work, so it’s better to schedule your roof replacement or repair project sooner rather than later. Our roofing company can help with residential roofing, commercial roofing, and storm damage. You can visit this page to get a free virtual or in-person estimate on your new project. And don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions. The team at South Shore Roofing would love to discuss your roofing needs today!


10 Ways To Get Your Patio Ready for a Socially Distanced Summer

In these uncertain times, there’s no way to know exactly what the future will look like. One thing we can guarantee? You’ll probably be spending more time at home than usual in the coming months. On the bright side, the South Shore is going to be warmer which means spending time outside will finally be an option!

After you finish your spring cleaning, you may notice that your patio space could use some sprucing and fixing up. After all, the New England winters are hard and it’s taken a lot of energy just to adjust to social distancing and the stress of a global pandemic. Making a cozy patio space probably hasn’t been the first thing on your to-do list.

But your patio may be the coziest and safest place to invite small groups of family and close friends to gather this summer. If there’s one thing we’ll all need during the re-entry period, it’s definitely going to be a place to relax and settle in while the fireflies dance and the stars come out. Here are some ideas for spicing up your patio space so you can settle into spending more quality time with the people you love.

  1. Replace any old rotting deck boards and sand and re-stain your deck if it’s looking shabby. You can get this project done in an afternoon and it will prevent you or your guests from the unlucky surprise of falling through the deck or getting a splinter.
  2.  Replace your old moldy or faded cushions and pillows. There’s no need to buy all new deck furniture, but the cushions are important! Try buying statement colors instead of earth tones so your patio really pops against the greens and browns of the landscape.
  3. Add visual interest and save ground space with plants that climb fences or walls and hang from hooks. When you go to the plant store, you can talk with salespeople to find out which plants bloom at different times to ensure that your patio is colorful all summer long.
  4. Lay down an outdoor rug. If you don’t have time or energy to sand and re-stain this year, this is an excellent way to cover up surfaces that still need love or could just use a little more pop. Outdoor rugs are made of materials that withstand rain and moisture, so you can leave them there through any type of weather.
  5. Create shade and privacy with a pergola. These wooden archways are the perfect addition for a sunny yard. Plus, they are an excellent support system for climbing vines.
  6. Incorporate fountains to provide a soothing aesthetic. Fountains can be an expensive addition, but they don’t need to be. There are small fountain kits at many landscaping stores and they take up minimal space while adding a relaxing soundscape to your patio.
  7. Adding a firepit can provide entertainment and warmth on those cooler nights.
  8. String lights, lanterns, or torches will brighten the mood of even the most basic outdoor space.
  9. An arched trellis could be the perfect entryway to your patio. It will guide guests into the area and is another great place for those climbing plants.
  10. Feeling handy? There are lots of plans for building deck furniture with pallets. You can check out these instructions for a bar, a daybed, and a wall.

Related to making loved ones feel just that by creating an inviting hang-out space, get other ideas about how to support other South Shore businesses and neighbors here. As always, South Shore Roofing is here to help you improve the outdoor aesthetics of your home with a new roof or a roof repair. Don’t hesitate to reach out for advice or a virtual estimate. We can help you get started on your next project today!