Making Your Home Holiday-Ready: Easy, Inexpensive Ideas To Make It Both Safe & Inviting

As we write this, we’re in disbelief that the fall and winter holiday season will soon be upon us! Where did the year go? To help you ensure your holiday guests stay safe and feel welcomed this holiday season, we’ve put together a list of easy and inexpensive tactics you can start chipping away at now.

How To Make Your Home Feel Inviting To Holiday Guests

These small touches can make a huge difference in making your holiday guests feel special — whether they’ll be lodging with you for a few days, or just spending a few hours at your home:

  • Buy extra festive-looking boxes of kleenex at a big box or discount store, and place them around the house in bathrooms, guestrooms, and the kitchen for easy snagging by guests.
  • Purchase, at a discount store, a number of toss pillows with holiday designs, or in solid holiday colors like gold, silver, light blue, green, and red and place them on chairs and sofas throughout your home and on beds in guestrooms.
  • For both your bathrooms and guestrooms, create baskets that contain small toiletry items to make your guests feel pampered — you know the kind of baskets you see in restrooms at weddings. Include items like small scented hand lotions and soaps.
  • And speaking of soaps, shop big box or discount stores for hand soap with holiday designs or scents to place in bathrooms. While you’re there, snag a few pairs of comfy-cozy socks for individuals of all ages and genders, to place on the beds in guestrooms.
  • Seek out small white or red poinsettia plants or Christmas cactuses that are in bloom to place throughout your home, and in bathrooms and guestrooms.
  • Clear out and designate a drawer and space in a closet in any bedrooms in which guests will be staying so they know you took the time to prepare for their stay.
  • Use small baskets or bowls — particularly ones with a holiday design or color — to house a few snack items for guests, and place them on nightstands in bedrooms where guests will be staying. Related to that, consider placing small holiday figurines like elves or angels, or other holiday decorations, on nightstands and in bathrooms that will be used by guests.
  • Search online for the best deal for a collapsible luggage rack for guests to place their suitcase on when they arrive, and to make it easy for them to unpack.
  • Follow these tips from a fellow South Shore business (DME provider and expert in making homes accessible) to ensure your holidays are disability inclusive!

How to Keep Your Family And Guests Safe This Holiday Season

We’ve written a bunch of blog posts in the past about holiday safety and winter safety tips for your home. We recommend you review these each & every holiday and winter season to make sure your family and guests will stay safe:

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Never hesitate to reach out to our team of residential roofing contractors if we can be of service related to home safety measures or home challenges.

The team of experienced roofers at South Shore Roofing wishes all our readers and customers a very safe, healthy, and happy holiday season!