Holiday Decorating Tips – Decorate Your Roof Safely Pt. 2

htfgvjIn our last post, we discussed some important safety tops for hanging your holiday decorations. We’re back with three more important tips to keep both you and your roof safe this holiday season.

Test Before You Climb

Always untangle and test your lights before you get up on the ladder. Fighting with knots at dangerous heights can cause you to lose your balance and fall – which could cause serious injuries. It’s also smart to make sure the lights work first, so you don’t have to start over.

Don’t Fry

Electricity is dangerous, and should be handled with care. Around the holidays, electrical fires and shorted circuits are a very common problem. You can avoid this by making sure that your decorations are kept away from powerlines. You should also plug everything into a portable outdoor circuit to keep it separate from your indoor wiring. Overloading the breaker with too many decorations at once can also put you at risk for fire, so be sure that your electrical wiring is distributed safely.

Remove Carefully

After the holidays are over, take the time to remove your decorations carefully. Don’t rip out strings of lights by the cord, carefully remove each clip, winding as you go. It may take some extra time, but it’s worth it to avoid damaging the roof, your decorations, or causing injury to yourself.

If you accidentally cause damage to your roof while hanging and removing decorations, or you are experiencing damage from harsh winter weather, contact our roofing company in Hanover, MA for a free estimate.

Holiday Decorating Tips – Decorate Your Roof Safely Pt. 1

jfkufjThe holidays are right around the corner, and many of us are ready to begin decorating. Whether you go over the top with elaborate decorations, or keep it simple with a few strings of outdoor lights, there are some important safety tips you need to know before decorating your roof. Doing damage to your roof or yourself is a great way to ruin the holidays –so stay safe.

Avoid the Shingles

Hanging Christmas lights from your shingles is a great way to do damage to your roof. Putting holes in the shingles or roof components will create a space for moisture to get in and rot your roof. Your lights do need to be secured to something though, so we recommend using clips that attach to your gutter or eaves, this way you can easily remove and install the lights without damage.

Bring a Spotter

Never put up your decorations alone – always have at least one person with you to hold the ladder, supplies, and to run for help in an emergency. It’s always easier and safer to have help on hand.

The holidays are an exciting and joyous time to spend with your family and friends. Practicing good safety procedures when hanging your lights ensures that both you and your roof are happy and healthy for the season. If you accidentally damaged your roof while hanging your decorations, contact our roofing contractor in Duxbury, MA. In our next post, we’ll discuss three more important decorating safety tips you should know.