Why You Should Check Your Roof When You Return From Your First Spring Stroll

It’s the first day of spring as we write this blog post, and it’s a glorious day on the South Shore — 46 degrees and sunny! Plus, we’re hearing it’s going to be a warmer spring than usual. And, that means, there will be lots of enticement to get out there walking in your particular South Shore neighborhood.

We’re suggesting that when you return from your first spring stroll, you make and take the opportunity as you come close to arriving at your doorstep — but are still far enough away that you can view your home’s various rooftops — that you look for any damage that may have occurred related to your roof during the winter.

This is the image of about the top third of an old white house. the house looks neglected as paint looks old and deteriorating and the roof of the house, that has a small turret/mini roof looking thing on it, is deteriorating as well. Some shingles are missing from various spots on the piece of roof that is shown. This image is shown to support our South Shore roofing company's blog post regarding how to know when it's time to replace your roof?

How To Check For Winter Roof Damage

As we explained in this previous blog post, you should do the following to check your home or commercial roof for damage that may have occurred during the winter:

  • Look to see if any shingles are missing.
  • Check for any exposed nails.
  • See if any of your “flashing” is now “waving” or has become loose, or is broken.
  • Look for any gutters that have become detached.

 If you notice anything that needs tending to, give our roofing experts team at South Shore Roofers a call!

Need A New Roof?

Maybe viewing your roof after your stroll, and from the street, immediately causes you to think it looks old, tired, dilapidated, etc. and you want to improve your curb appeal this spring with a brand new roof vs. repairing a few things. The team of roofing contractors at our South Shore roofing company brings years of expertise in residential roof installment, and would be glad to help. Just reach out for a complimentary consultation.

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