A Cost-Effective Approach to Roof Maintenance

Image From South Shore Roofing About Roof Maintenance

Stay ahead of any potential disaster by taking advantage of our preventative approach to roof maintenance. Just because your home has avoided the brunt of seasonal thunderstorms and blizzards doesn’t mean your residential roof is free of any issues. South Shore Roofing recommends regular home roof inspections that can identify minor defects that need attention.

Residential roof maintenance is critical to the proper function of your entire home. Just because your house’s roof looks fine, doesn’t mean that it’s free of minor leaks and seemingly insignificant defects. A small leak can slowly eat away at the stability of your home roof and moisture can transform your framing into a delicious food source for insects like termites. Don’t wait until it’s too late to fix the small problems your residential roof is facing.

Get a full inspection of your roofing and your gutter system today, so you can avoid the potential for flooding and slab leaks. Keep your home ventilated properly, and prevent health issues that can result from contaminated air and mold growth. The relatively minor cost involved with engaging roof maintenance experts like us for roof maintenance services will seem like a wise investment when weighed against the major involvement and expense that comes with a full home roof replacement.

Preventative Residential Roof Maintenance

Just because everything seems to be in proper working order, doesn’t mean that it actually is. Take advantage of our regular home roof inspections and residential roof maintenance services, and save yourself a major headache. We recommend getting a home roof inspection at least once every three years. This allows us to locate minor issues that can be resolved with relative ease through our residential roof repair process.

As part of our roof maintenance process and services, have your gutters cleaned to verify that your house’s roof is properly ventilated. Proper ventilation of your residence’s roof helps to prevent ice dams, and can reduce your monthly home heating and cooling costs. Clean gutters will channel water away from your home and any exposed areas on the periphery of your home. This helps to prevent wood rot and the growth of potentially deadly forms of mold and mildew.

Commercial Roof Maintenance Keeps You Clear

South Shore Roofing also offers commercial roof maintenance packages and services to local, South Shore businesses.

No businessperson worth their salt would ignore the maintenance needs to any major business asset. So why would you cross your fingers and hope for the best when it comes to the roof over your business? Make an appointment for an inspection of the roof over your establishments, and take full advantage of our commercial roof maintenance process. Keep your location free of damage and don’t let an unforeseen problem with your business roof cause you to close your doors for good.

Roof Ice Dam Prevention and Removal Services

An ice dam is a ridge of ice that forms at the edge of a roof and keeps melting snow (basically water) from draining off your residential or commercial roof. Water that backs up behind an ice dam can leak into your house or business and damage walls, ceilings, insulation, furniture, and other expensive elements and areas of your property.

We’ll spare you the detailed scientific explanation and all the factors that must be at play for an ice dam to form, but in general, ice dams can occur when snow is on your roof and temperatures, on average, hit 32 degrees Fahrenheit or below, AND your roof surface experiences non-uniform temperatures across it because of heat escaping from your home or business due to inadequate ventilation or insulation.

Ideally, you’ll have engaged us for our ice dam prevention services before water leakage troubles brew, so you won’t require our help with ice dam removal. But, we are here to help on both the ice dam prevention and ice dam removal fronts.

Home Roof and Commercial Roof Ice Dam Prevention

In keeping with what we shared above about when and how ice dams tend to form, the ideal time to put measures in place to prevent ice dams is before snow and freezing temperatures hit New England – which, as seasoned New Englanders know, can be as early as mid-October.

Early- to mid- fall, or even earlier in the year, is the time to have us install extra insulation under your roof so that your house or business loses less heat, and therefore, greatly reduce the possibility of non-uniform temperatures occurring on your residential or commercial roof – the primary cause of roof dams.

House and Business Roof Ice Dam Removal

If you see an ice ridge forming on the edge of your roof and an ice dam situation developing — causing water to pile up that could lead to water damage in your home or business, contact us right away! Don’t risk your or your family’s safety by attempting to remove an ice dam yourself. Safe and effective removal of ice dams requires the knowledge and skills of roofing professionals.

Our expert team is experienced in removing ice dams to prevent water damage or further water damage from ruining your home or office space. Through a combination of chipping away at/shoveling snow and ice and using steam to melt snow and ice, we’ll safely and easily remove ice dam situations.

Contact us today for preventative roof maintenance — for your home or business — that will save you money and difficulty in the long run. We proudly serve customers in Massachusetts, particularly in the South Shore towns below, and accept credit cards and offer financing through a third party.

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