Things To Do On Boston’s South Shore

Summer Outdoors Activities On The South Shore Of Boston

As of the date of our writing and posting this blog post, we’ve already enjoyed some really great weather on Boston’s South Shore, and it’s not even officially summer yet!

We won’t recreate the wheel by re-documenting some ideas we shared in recent summers about fun and cool things to do on the South Shore — check out South Shore Local Treasures Part I and South Shore Local Treasures Part II — but we did want to share some of our favorite go-to websites when we are looking to identify some outdoors summer events and activities we can enjoy with our friends and families.

Websites Listing South Shore Events and Activities

You may be aware of others — and please do share with us — but these are the websites we regularly check for interesting and enjoyable outdoors South Shore summer events and activities:

This image shows the back of a young 3-4-year-old girl on the path in the middle of a field of tall yellow flowers with green stems. She is wearing a dressy red long dress with a bow and has long blonde hair. The image is shown related to our South Shore roofing company's blog post about outdoors summer activities/events on the South Shore.

Summer Is A Great Time For Both Outdoors Activities And Home Roof Repair!

In addition to summer being a great time for us New Englanders to enjoy outdoors fun with friends and family, it’s also an ideal to get a home roof installed or replaced. Learn why summer is the ideal time to install or replace the roof on a home.

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Making The Most Of Cold And Snowy South Shore Days: Where To Sled and Skate

Winter 2024 Update: Check Out This New South Shore Skating Rink!

Since we wrote the blog post below, South Shore residents have had the good fortune to have a new place to skate outdoors in the Quincy Center ice skating rink located near General’s Bridge. Be sure to check it out with friends & family this winter!

As we write this post, it’s looking to be a cold weekend ahead here on Boston’s South Shore; plus, it’s only early February, which means there’s still likely going to be plenty of days ahead this year fit for outdoors ice skating and/or sledding.

The above inspired our South Shore roofing company to share our list of great places to skate or sled on the South Shore — the place our residential roofing contractors call home! Check out these places to “play” outdoors on South Shore winter days!

Where To Ice Skate On The South Shore (Outdoors)

Where To Sled On The South Shore

Be Safe When It Comes To Outdoors Ice Skating and Sledding

Inspired to head out for skating or sledding? Be sure your children bring and wear their helmets, thick gloves or mittens, and hats. And, make sure an adult will be accompanying and watching them throughout their skating or sledding activities! And, keep in mind that safety experts recommend that children sled feet-first!

If ice skating is in the plans for your South Shore winter play day, make sure an adult checks the ice before children skate on it. Ice that has open water patches is a “no go” for skating — it’s just not safe. Look for outdoors ice skating spots where ice has a dark blue color vs. white or grey, since dark blue ice is safer!

Lastly, be sure to pack some hot drinks, like hot cocoa, or hot cider, in thermoses to warm everyone up and keep them hydrated!

This is an illustrated, cartoon-like drawing showing a family enjoying a winter day sledding and skating outdoors. The image shows two boys who are sledding on a hill that is nearby a pond. One boy has fallen off his sled and is lying in the snow, but not hurt. Pictured on the pond ice skating are a mother with a boy and girl. This image is shared to support our south shore roofing contractors' blog post about great places to ice skate and sled on Boston's South Shore.

Play It Safe When It Comes To Your Home And Roof This Winter

And, speaking of both playing and staying safe, be sure to “play it safe” and hire an expert when snow and ice are causing, or have potential to cause, damage to your home or roof due to ice dams. As we explain in this blog post about ice dams, ice dams can damage your home. So, learn what they are and why you should hire professional roofers like South Shore Roofing to help you treat and remove them.

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South Shore Local Treasures: Part I

We’re so fortunate to have so many of what we like to call “local treasures” on the South Shore that we thought the onset of warmer weather made for the perfect occasion to share some of our favorite things to do and places to visit in spring and summer.

And, because there’s so South Shore treasures we want to talk about, we’re featuring these fun and interesting South Shore places and activities in two blog posts — one featuring cultural activities and events, like food, art, and music, and the other featuring nature-related activities and events.

So, here we go. Part 1!

Local Treasures on the South Shore: Culture

The weather is warm, school’s out, and the sound of peepers fills the air. Summer is a great time to attend outdoor concerts, festivals, fairs, and farmer’s markets – and many of them are free! We’ve looked into the best cultural events happening on the South Shore this summer and we’re excited to share some of them with you. South Shore residents, get out your calendars and read on to learn when and where you can go and have some fun.

Plymouth: Plymouth Philharmonic Orchestra and Project Arts both offer free outdoor summer concerts in Plymouth. Their free outdoor concerts are on the waterfront and family-friendly, perfect for all ages to enjoy. All you need to bring is a lawn chair or blanket. Additionally, First Fridays Plymouth occurs on the first Friday of every month from May-October. Restaurants, art galleries, museums and shops open their doors to host poetry readings, display artwork, and host musical performances and art demonstrations.

Quincy: We’ve attended the following event a couple of times already, and it is just so much fun! It’s also refreshing to see folks off their devices and phones, and singing & dancing with friends, family, and neighbors. Check out Porchfest Quincy!

Braintree: The schedule has yet to be posted, but every year, there are a series of free outdoors concerts at beautiful Sunset Lake in Braintree. Invite friends, family, and neighbors, and bring your own chair and snacks for an evening of great outdoors music!

Hanover: Every Tuesday at Forge Pond Park, you can find food trucks lining up for business which are part of the South Shore Food Truck Association. Although the food isn’t free, it’s reasonably priced and you’ll find some of the most creative food start-ups in action there. You can find everything from tacos, pizza, and sandwiches to ice cream and shaved ice. Bring your family and friends or a date for a nice picnic.

Kingston: Gorgeous Gray’s Beach Park has a host of cultural activities planned for this spring and summer — farmer’s markets, movies, and music. Be sure to mark your calendars for one or all of these fun events.

Weymouth: This year is Weymouth’s 400th anniversary so there are plenty of celebrations in which to take part. Village festivals will celebrate each of the four villages in May, June, July, and August. The second Saturday of each month, streets will be full of vendors in the selected village. In June, the Weymouth Farmers Market will start up and be held weekly at the high school on Sundays. Featuring local fruits and vegetables, this is a great place to pick up the ingredients for your next farm-fresh meal.

Get outside and enjoy the rich cultures of all these South Shore towns this summer. It’s the perfect time to enjoy the resurgence of many public events. Remember to read up on local mask mandates before you attend.

We hope South Shore residents consider us here at South Shore Roofing one of the South Shore’s #localtreasures! We’ve got a long, rich history of meeting the roof repair and roof installation needs of both South Shore business owners and residents.

As with getting out and about, spring and summer are the perfect time to have your roof repaired or replaced, so reach out now to see how our team of roofing experts can be of service!



South Shore Local Treasures: Part II

As we expressed in the first post in our two-part blog series about South Shore Local treasures, we are truly blessed to have so many of what we like to call “local treasures” on the South Shore.

Our first South Shore Treasures blog post focused on cultural activities and events — think yummy food, great outdoors music, and more!

So, here we go with Part 2, which focuses on South Shore spring and summer nature activities and events!

Local Treasures on the South Shore: Nature

Beaches, marshes, and rolling hills characterize the beloved landscape of our South Shore. While we’re close to the metropolitan area of Boston, there are still plenty of beautiful places to enjoy nature. Whether you like fishing, walking, hiking or biking, there’s a place for everyone in the outdoors.

Plymouth: Explore the site of the largest freshwater ecological restoration project in the Northeast at Tidmarsh Wildlife Sanctuary. What was once a 481-acre cranberry farm is now a permanently protected natural resource. You can see a brand new pollinator garden, attend a program, or walk through the marsh on 3 miles of maintained trails.

Quincy: The Saltmarsh Trail is a half mile self-guided nature walk designed to highlight major plant and animal species in the marsh. It leads to a cemetery overlooking the bay. Another short trail is the Red Diamond Trail at Faxon Park. It’s a good walk for families, with a playground at the entrance and stone benches for resting or picnicking along the trail. Also in Quincy is the waterfront park at Squantum Point, a former naval field with views of the Boston skyline. It’s now a popular spot for birdwatching.

Braintree: Pond Meadow Park (which has entrances in both Braintree and Weymouth) has 2 miles of paved trail on 320 acres of land. The diverse landscape of ponds, streams, meadow, forest, and marsh is a popular place for jogging, biking, fishing, camping, kayaking, and canoeing. A wide paved loop circles around a pond, providing beautiful views of the water. You can find old stone walls and glacial erratic boulders scattered throughout the woods. In terms of wildlife, there are turtles, migrating birds and plenty of fish species.

Hanover: 40-acre athletic complex, Forge Pond Park offers athletic fields and 6.5 miles of wooded trails for walking and running. A 1-mile paved trail is ideal for biking with small kids and wheelchair use. A gravel boat ramp at the back of the lot provides access to Forge Pond for a quiet paddle. Luddams Ford Park includes 22 acres of trails maintained by the Hanover Conservation Commission and a dam which was once used to power several mills once located here. Now, it forces salmon to climb a fish ladder to swim upstream to spawn. A nearby pond offers catch and release fishing, and small launch for kayaks and canoes. Hungry? Bring lunch! There’s also a picnic area overlooking the river.

Kingston: Maple, cedar and pine trees surround the marsh at The Nook Preserve in Kingston. At the mouth of the tidal Jones River, this nature preserve was once a location for Wampanoeg and Patuxet tribes’ summer encampments. European immigrants then used it for livestock pasture, so the land is criss-crossed by stone walls. You can also launch kayaks and canoes at the nearby Mulliken’s landing.

Weymouth: King Oak Hill Park features views of the Boston skyline and a quarter mile paved loop makes for easily-counted laps. Stroller and wheelchair friendly, the park’s total area clocks in at 24 acres. It’s built on what was once an important junction and hunting lookout for Wampanoag people. Check out other Weymouth park favorites of a devoted South Shore walker. And added to our list on 3/28/2024, Heritage Park – a great place to learn about, and feel like you’re living/experiencing Weymouth’s great history!

South Shore Nature and South Shore Ice Cream:

What’s not to love about pairing exercise in nature with ice cream? Check out this great blog post from another Local Treasure, North and South Rivers Watershed Association, on how to get your nature and ice cream fixes simultaneously!

We hope you can find time to get outside and relax in the parks, preserves, and trails in your town/city and beyond!

We also hope South Shore residents consider us here at South Shore Roofing one of the South Shore’s #localtreasures! We’ve got a long, rich history of meeting the roof repair and roof installation needs of both South Shore business owners and residents.

As with getting out and about, spring and summer are the perfect time to have your roof repaired or replaced, so reach out now to see how our team of roofing experts can be of service!