What Are Ice Dams, and How Can They Damage Your Roof?

blog2hfhfhfhfIf you live in a colder climate, like New England, your roof could face serious damage in the winter from ice dams. An ice dam is formed when accumulated snow melts and runs down the slope of the roof and under the existing blanket of snow and freezes. Ice continues to accumulate, forming a dam, which prevents melting snow from draining off of the roof.

These dams can be very dangerous, because they trap liquid on the roof. This can lead to leaks, damaged ceilings and walls, and damage to the roof structure and insulation. It can even cause personal injury if the ice dam falls off on a person walking underneath it. People are also frequently injured when they attempt to remove the ice dams on their own, rather than calling a professional.

Building designs with proper ventilation and adequate insulation can prevent ice dams from forming. You should also attempt to remove snow from your roof before it can accumulate with a tool called a roof rake.

Before attempting to remove ice dams or snow from your roof on your own, you should consider the benefits of having it professionally done. South Shore Roofing specializes in ice dam removal services in South Shore MA and the surrounding area. For a free estimate from our ice dam removal company to treat your ice dams, contact South Shore Roofing today!