Roofing Issues to Look Out For in Fall and Winter

As we move into the colder weather, the danger to your roof from summer storms has lessened. However, the winter weather brings up a whole new set of roofing problems that can be difficult to deal with. If you don’t take proper steps to maintain your roof, you could wind up needing a roof replacement in Duxbury, Massachusetts.

Clogged Gutters and Downspouts

Fall foliage is beautiful, but it can cause a lot of harm to your roof. Dead leaves can accumulate in your gutter and prevent water from draining properly. This can lead to some pretty serious water damage. Read our blog post about how to clean and maintain your gutters to prevent this, or invest in gutter guards to keep leaves from getting stuck in the first place.

Snow and Ice

With winter comes a new and more difficult form of water damage from snow and ice. Snowmelt can get underneath your shingles and cause damage. If the snowmelt then refreezes it can lift up the shingles and flashing and create gaps for more water to get in. You are also at risk of ice dams forming on your roof, which can trap water on the roof and prevent it from draining into your gutter system. If you don’t take proper steps to get rid of the snow accumulation, you could wind up needing a roof replacement in Duxbury, Massachusetts.

Improperly Ventilated Attic

A lack of proper ventilation in your attic space is always a risk, no matter what season it is. If your attic is too warm in the winter, it can cause snow to melt and freeze repeatedly, leading to ice dams and water damage. Have your roof inspected to check that your ventilation is properly in place so you can avoid a roofing disaster.

Lack of Maintenance

Turn to a contractor like South Shore Roofing for regular roof maintenance, and you can drastically extend the life of your roof. Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If your roof has become too damaged, contact us to get a free estimate on a full roof replacement in Duxbury, Massachusetts.