Cleaning and Maintaining Your Gutters

hgdhmkjgjkhklKeeping your gutters free of debris is very important in the maintenance of home. Gutters collect the water the runs off of your roof and drains it away from your house, effectively protecting your windows, siding, doors, and your foundation from water damage.

It is recommended that your gutters be cleaned out once every two years. You may need to clean them more often if your home is directly beneath a tree. To begin, get a sturdy ladder and place it against the roof. It is safer to use a step ladder rather than an extension ladder. Make sure you are wearing heavy work gloves to protect your hands from debris, and safety goggles to protect your eyes. Non-slip shoes are also important.

Before you begin, rake any leaves off of the roof so that they don’t wash into the gutters after you spent so much time cleaning them out. Using a bucket to collect the debris or a drop cloth below can also be helpful for collecting and disposing of the leaves without damaging your yard.

To clean your gutters, the first thing you need to do is scoop out any loose debris. Next, blast out any remaining debris or dirt with a hose. Next, flush out the spouts with a hose. If it doesn’t drain freely, you may need to use a plumber’s snake to get out any remaining debris.

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