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Don’t Let COVID-19 Put Your Much-Needed Roof Project on Hold: Start With A Virtual Estimate

Like many of our fellow South Shore business owners, we remain committed to being there for, and serving our customers, during the current COVID-19 health pandemic — even if it means we have to change up how we go about doing so. Hey, houses and roofs don’t know or care if there’s a global health emergency going on. When a roof is in need of repair or replacement, it will continue to deteriorate and show signs and symptoms that it needs a roofing expert’s attention, like the signs and symptoms we outlined in our “New Year. New Roof? Warning Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Roof” blog post.

Get A Virtual Home Roofing Project Estimate

We understand and totally respect the fact that many home owners considering repairing or replacing their roof in late spring or summer don’t want our roofing contractors, or anyone else, visiting their homes right now. That’s why we are offering virtual estimates/quotes for your specific house roofing needs. Using available technology, we are able to measure your roof from our office, and can gather any additional details we need to provide you with a quote/estimate, via a phone discussion.

We are here to support our South Shore neighbors during this difficult time. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with a question or concern, to ask for advice, etc.

We remind everyone to stay safe and well by following local and state officials’ recommendations for social distancing and for staying at home, and by adhering to health officials’ guidelines regarding hand washing/sanitizing and other tactics for keeping your home and family Corona-virus-free.

Be well, be kind, and join our team at South Shore Roofing in believing that better days lie ahead.

New Year. New Roof? Warning Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Roof

Many homeowners or owners of a commercial property delay putting on a new roof, partly because it’s not always the most exciting change or renovation to be making to a home or business. Let’s face it, sometimes, it’s just a lot more fun to be adding a new game room, patio, or screened-in porch to your house or updating your residential kitchen or bathroom. You can envision your family or friends enjoying themselves in, or complementing you, on the new space.

The above said, a new roof can give your home or business a whole new aesthetic, and totally update its look and feel. A new residential roof or commercial roof can also take a home or business from looking old and dated to looking more modern/current. And, even if the aforementioned isn’t a driver or reason for you to replace your residential roof or install a new commercial roof, the liability associated with an old roof should be!

So how do you know when it’s time to replace your residential roof or business roof if you’re not simply replacing it because you want to improve your property’s appearance. As residential roofing services and commercial roofing services experts with years of experience, we believe it’s time to replace your home roof or office roof when:

  • Your home or business roof shingles are:
    • cracking
    • curling at the edge
    • cupping (the center of the shingle is concave or depressed, so the tile forms a cup)
    • balding, i.e., there are spots where granules are coming off
  • Your residential or commercial roof just looks really uneven, unattractive, worn, and/or old
  • Your neighbors who built their homes at the same time as yours are replacing their roofs
  • Your house’s or business’ roof is more than 20 years old
  • And, this is the most obvious reason — your possessions and family get wet each time it rains because of a home roof leak or a commercial roof leak

We mentioned above the liability of not replacing a roof when it shows signs of needing to be. Replacing your residential roof or commercial roof, when you witness one or several of the above signs, will help you avoid:

  • potential costly damage to your home or office furnishings/possessions and any lawsuits that could arise related to the aforementioned if you are renting out a home, apartments or office space.
  • any family member, guest/visitor, or tenant getting ill or injured due to unhealthy conditions (think damp, cool, and mold-related ones), a roof collapse (from incidents such as not being able to support a large snow fall) or debris falling through your roof, and any associated lawsuits
  • increases in energy costs due to cold air or heat seeping through any holes in your roof
  • insects, rodents, and small animals, like raccoons, entering your home or office through roof holes
  • an even more costly roof replacement down-the-road because of extensive damage from delaying replacing your home or commercial roof
  • a large decrease in your property value

Still not sure whether 2020 should be the year you replace your roof or already know that is? Contact our South Shore MA roofing company/roofing contractors today for an assessment and quote.

South Shore Roofing wishes all our readers, clients, prospective clients, and friends and family a very safe, healthy, adventurous, and prosperous new year.