Get Your Roof Ready for Spring

As spring approaches, you’re probably thinking about spring cleaning. You have to clean out your attic and garage, change your heavy winter drapes to your spring sheers, and pack away winter clothing until next year. But what about your roof? Here are some helpful spring cleaning tips that you can use to get your roof in shape for spring.

Groom Trees

Trees should not be allowed to touch your roof because branches can scrape granules off of your shingles, or even loosen the shingles themselves. Trim your trees away from the roof to prevent them from shortening the lifespan of your roof. If trees have already damaged your roof, call a roofing company in Hanover, MA to make repairs.

Clear Leaves and Pine Needles

When leaves or pine needles build up on a roof, they can trap moisture – and moisture is you roof’s worst enemy. They can also block your gutters, encourage mildew and mold to grow, and create extra weight on your roof. Carefully remove leaves and pine needles with a rake or air blower. Be extra cautious not to damage your shingles.

Prevent Moss

The first two steps will drastically reduce the moisture that encourages moss to grow, but there are other precautions that you can take. Avoid harsh chemical treatments that can run off of your roof and damage plants. Instead, have zinc or copper strips installed on the ridgeline of your roof. When rain water crosses over the strips it prevents moss from growing.

Treat Mold

If you notice dark streaks on your roof, it could mean that you have mold or mildew eating away at your roofing material. A chlorine bleach and copper sulfate mixture can be applied with a garden sprayer to kill the mold – but do not use a power washer because it can damage shingles.

Ask y our roofing company in Hanover, MA about algae-resistant shingles that can prevent this problem in the future.

Check Gutters

The harsh Massachusetts winter can cause damage to your gutters, oftentimes clogging them with debris. A blockage in your gutters can result in massive damage when the spring rains begin, so be sure that your gutters are clear when the snow melts. Contact a roofing company in Hanover, MA to repair damage that you find.

Get a Roof Inspection

Even if your roof doesn’t appear to have any damage, there may be some underlying problems that you can’t see from the ground. Contact South Shore Roofing to perform a full roofing inspection to ensure that your roof is ready for spring.